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Bird Nest Removal

Birds Nest Removal

When spring arrives it also means the beginning of the nesting season. Our chimneys provide the perfect surroundings for birds, giving them the warmth and shelter they need to raise their young.

Birds Nest Removal Service

Unfortunately for us, that can cause several problems for our chimney and home. This can include:

  • Chimney fire – with the nest blocking the top of your chimney this can cause a fire and a carbon monoxide risk
  • Damp – condensation will build up due to the lack of ventilation
  • Fly infestation – if the nest has collapsed or the fledging’s die, flies and maggots will become trapped in the flue and potentially fall in to your room below
  • Disease – bird droppings, as well as their nasty smell, carry diseases such as Histoplasmosis which is a type of lung disease.

When can we remove the birds nest?

From the end of August through to March, the birds should have fledged the nest at which point we can then safely remove the nest from your chimney. We will not touch the nest before then so no harm is done to the birds whilst they are still nesting.

Please let us know if you believe you have a bird starting to/nesting in your chimney at any point and we can book you in advance to come back and clear up once they have left. We would then recommend installing a bird guard to prevent the birds from coming back the following Spring.

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