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Landlord safety inspections/ Certificates

Getting your chimney swept with us will achieve what we stand for:

Ensuring you, your tenants and your business is protected.

What to expect

Every landlord with rented properties needs to have their appliances checked and certified every year to protect not only themselves but also the tenant.

At Torbay sweeps we will complete a full and detailed inspection of the safety and functionality of the appliance and complete certificates that the tenant and landlord will receive a copy of. With every sweep, your flue/chimney and your stove will first be inspected to make an initial assessment of the current state and to determine the equipment needed to sweep the chimney thoroughly and safely. The area will then be covered with soot cloths and taped up, to help contain the soot as it falls from the chimney. At Torbay Sweeps we pride ourselves on our cleanliness and strive to ensure that all the soot and debris stays behind the cloths, from where it can then be vacuumed and removed.

Following the sweep, your flue and stove will once again be checked to make sure there are no defects which could affect your safety or the effectiveness of your fire.

Finally, we carry out a smoke test and ventilation check to ensure that there is a good draw up the flue. Included in our price, we will also check all fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarm(s) in the property are in good working order.

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